1) Frijoles Refritos

Refried Beans

2) Guacamole

Fresh Hass avocadoes mash with tomatoes, onions, cilantro

3) Chihuahua

Tortilla chips with melted cheese

4) Chihuahua Especial

Tortilla chips with refried beans, cheese and chorizo

5) Chihuahua Supreme

Tortilla chips with refried beans, cheese, chicken, sour cream, guacamole and chorizo

6) Sincronizada (pollo, cerdo, res o carnitas)

de camarones

Flour tortilla with melted cheese & choice of chicken ,pork, beef or shrimp

7) QuesoFundido

con zetas

Melted cheese with chips or our special version with garlic and mushrooms

8) FiestaMexicana

Sampler cheese quesadilla, flauta, salad, refried beans, guacamole,

chips and sour cream

9) Flautas (orden de 3) (pollo,cerdo o res)

Corn tortilla your choice of chicken, pork or beef with salad,

sour cream and refried beans

10) Quesadillas (orden de 2)

Order of two cheese flour tortilla quesadillas

11) Ceviche estilo Acapulco

Citrus marinated filet of fish Tacolandia style (you can add shrimp)

con camarones

13) Coctel de Camarones estilo Mexico

Shrimp cocktail with our special sauce, onions, cilantro, avocado and chips

14) Surtido Loco

Sampler with flautas, chicken quesadillas, jalapeƱo poppers, guacamole, refried beans

and chips

15) Combinada de Refrito y Guacamole

Refried beans and guacamole with chips

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